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The Preamble to the South African Constitution is a pact made in the name of the people of South Africa. It announces that this document both reflects on the injustices of the past and sets the norms and values for the future. It identifies human rights, equality and freedom as founding democratic values of South African society.

Ideally, every South African should have a copy of the Preamble in their homes and workplaces.

Check out all the ways you can show off you are part of the We, the People movement!

  • Print out the Preamble to hang in your home and office.
  • Download your Preamble
  • Check out our profile frame generator and update your social media picture with one of our We, the People frames
  • Download our new social media cover photos to show you have joined the We, the People movement online
  • Share these graphics on your Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages and remind get your friends to join the We, the People movement
  • Uploading phone wallpaper to take the Preamble with you on-the-go
  • Make the most of staying-at-home and show off you are part of the We, the People movement with these Zoom backgrounds